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10 Amazing Facts About Technology

Did you know that humans can store data in their DNA? Scientists have managed to store data in DNA. That’s just the start of technology’s amazing advances. We’ve come a long way since the 1990s, but keeping up with the latest technology is a challenge. In this article, you’ll discover the 10 Amazing Facts About Technology. As you read, you’ll learn about the first video camera recorder, computer mouse, flying car, and more.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Technology

Did you know that Facebook now has more than 1 billion registered users? If it were a country, it would be the third largest. Did you know that a person is likely to get one spam reply for every twelve emails they send? Did you know that the average computer virus lasts for only seven days? Did you know that you can register more than two million domain names every month? Did you know that Domino’s will test a robotic pizza delivery system in New Zealand? The device will listen to your conversations and store dialogue history in the cloud? These are just some of the amazing facts about technology.

First video camera recorder

A video camera was invented in the early 1900s by John Logie Baird. Its design was a variation of the Nipkow disk, which broke the image into scanlines. The invention also helped to create the first television. John Logie Baird is credited with bringing the concept of video to the masses. In the early 1900s, he developed a prototype of the first video camera.

First computer mouse

The computer mouse is one of the most convenient gadgets on the planet. Its early version was much smaller and housed three buttons. It had two wheels on the underside, one horizontal and one vertical, which helped it move. Its design evolved over the years, but the original concept was the same. Computer mice record the distance, speed, and other data about movement. The computer can understand the binary code in which they are encoded.

First flying car

While the public often gets a sense of hope when they hear about flying cars, the idea remains far from reality. Even the first flying car was abandoned after a few short test flights, and the entire project was put on hold during the First World War. The dream of flying cars has been around for decades, but the reality of them has always seemed a few years away. However, with the rise of technology and new ideas, the flying car concept isn’t that far off.

First GMO

In 1994, the FDA approves the sale of the first GMO foods, such as tomatoes. The first GMO was created by soil bacteria. Researchers at the International Potato Center in Peru studied the genes of 291 sweet potato varieties, finding that they all carried the same set of bacterial genes. As these foods became increasingly popular, they began to be sold to consumers. Today, you can find a variety of GMO foods on the market, including corn, soybeans, cotton, papayas, and canola.

First computer

A home computer can do a lot of things today, including letting you download music and movies. But how did the first computer come about? The first computer was an abacus – an ancient device made of beads and string for counting money. Two inventors then developed a calculator with gears and wheels. While these early machines were slow, they were a great leap forward from the abacus!

First mobile phone

In the year 1973, Motorola engineer Martin Cooper was trying to create a device similar to the one used in the popular television series “Star Trek.” He quickly developed a prototype and demonstrated it in New York. A decade later, he produced a commercial version of the DynaTAC, which was the first mobile phone to use AMPS (a system that enables wireless communication).

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